The 130th Canton Fair Holds a 5-Day Offline & Online Exhibition from Oct. 15th to 19th

The 130th Canton Fair will showcase 16 product categories across 51 exhibition areas in a fruitful 5-day exhibition held over one phase from Oct 15 to 19, integrating online showcases with offline in-person experiences for the first time. 

130th Canton Fair.jpeg

With the theme of driving dual circulation, the 130th Canton Fair will be held from Oct 15 – 19 in an online-offline merged format.

In addition to around 60,000 booths on its virtual exhibition that offers flexibility for 26,000 exhibitors and buyers around the world to look for business opportunities through the Canton Fair online, this year's Canton Fair also brings back its physical exhibition area covering approximately 400,000 square meters, which will be participated by 7,500 companies.

The 130th Canton Fair also sees an increasing amount of quality and boutique products and companies. Its 11,700 brand booths represented by more than 2,200 companies account for 61 percent of total physical booths.  

130th Canton Fair seeks innovation for international trade

The 130th Canton Fair is embracing China’s dual circulation strategy amid emerging domestic demand by connecting representatives, agencies, franchises, and branches of multinational companies, large-scale foreign businesses and cross-border e-commerce companies in China, as well as domestic buyers, with businesses at the Canton Fair both online and offline.

Through online-to-offline engagement on its platform, the Fair is also building capabilities for businesses that have strong competencies in product and technology innovation, value-added empowerment and market potential to join its showcases, encouraging them to seek business transformation through new technologies and market channels so that they can reach out to both domestic and international markets.

To provide the world with new opportunities brought by the development of China, the 130th Canton Fair will also mark the opening of the first Pearl River International Trade Forum. The Forum will add value to Canton Fair, creating dialogues for policy makers, businesses and academia to discuss current affairs in international trade.

130th edition contributes to green development

According to Chu Shijia, Director General of China Foreign Trade Centre, the Fair sees many innovative and green products with cutting-edge technologies, materials, craftmanship and energy sources applied for the Canton Fair Export Product Design Awards (CF Awards) that have reflected companies’ green transformation. While promoting businesses, the Canton Fair is also contributing to sustainable industrial development, which echoes China’s long-term goal of carbon peak and neutrality.

The 130th Canton Fair will further promote China’s green industry by showcasing more than 150,000 low-carbon, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving products from over 70 leading companies across energy sectors including wind, solar and biomass.







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